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What are the European Aerostudent Games (EAG)?

The EAG are a sport tournament welcoming Aeronautical students from all around Europe in Toulouse during 3 days.

The games are organized by students from ENAC and ISAE-Supaéro

It will take place between ISAE-Supaéro, ENAC and CREPS campuses in Toulouse from March 14rd to March 17th 2024

Wanna join us ?

Who can enjoy this tournament ?

If you are currently in a school from the Pegasus network, you can come either as a competitor or a supporter!


Prices aren’t available yet

** The price for coming at Toulouse will not be included in the price of the ticket.
You’ll have to come to Toulouse by yourself **

Where to go ?

You’ll be moving around 3 campus according to the sports you practice.

DON’T WORRY, they are near from each other and if you’re lost, members of our team will come to rescue you.

ISAE campus
7 min from the ENAC entrance
ENAC campus

The olympic village, the heart of the event, will be on the campus of the ENAC.

CREPS campus
5 min from the ENAC entrance

How to come ?

by plane with the airport of Toulouse – Blagnac

by train via the station of Toulouse – Matabiau

by car by the highway

This page will be updated with more precise information as the logistics department updates us.

The EAG team encourages you to check this page regularly, and if you need additional information, feel free to contact us!

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